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We love bringing women together from all walks of life, who are making a difference, and paving the way for others. From the coolest parties & festivals, to conferences, mixers, yoga events, and beyond, we're constantly inspired to create unforgettable, meaningful experiences for our community to come together, connect, and get inspired. A live event does more than entertain- it can uplift, inspire and create a memory that lasts a lifetime. 


A Yoga + CBD Soundbath Experience

An otherworldly experience with 360-projected visuals of the cosmos and our beautiful planet.


Empowering Professional Women!

A celebration and conversation about the future of women in digital media, fashion, beauty, and beyond.


All About GRL Power!

A benefit dance party with a mission to support & celebrate female artists, brands, and non-profits organizations.


Inspiring Women Through Conversation

An exclusive panel series for the Women’s Choice Awards connecting remarkable women leaders across industries.


Who Run The World?

A tribute party celebrating the best to ever do it- QUEEN BEY!


Celebrating The Love!

A lovely evening celebrating Valentine's Day with our favorite gals!


Embracing History in The City!

An arts and music festival produced in celebration of Downtown Los Angeles. A special day-to-night event that awakens beautiful historic theatres and the blocks between them along the Broadway corridor in Downtown Los Angeles.

Sweat it Out!

A sweatworking series that features different studios and workouts across LA. We teamed up with brands like NikeWomen, Yogaworks, Bumble and Bumble, and etc. with the purpose to create opportunities for relationship-building with like-minded women, all while taking fun & challenging fitness classes that energize and enrich the mind, body & soul.