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There’s no denying 2020 has been the most challenging and provoking year in our lifetime. The combination of the current news cycle, complicated waves of emotions, and an urgency to rush into “normalcy” has us thinking, “What exactly does the new normal look like? And what does it look like for us?”


We started Ladies First long before the surge of women-focused event companies that exist today. Our desire was — and still is — to bring together like-minded women bosses we admire and respect. We started with pop-up shopping experiences where we would invite women-owned businesses, dope female DJs, and artists of all kinds. We later expanded our presence to include “sweatworking” events, panels, summits and parties. So many parties. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done, putting women in the forefront and celebrating them in all their glory.


After months of lockdown, with presumably more months to come, we’ve really come to miss — no, crave — the collective energy that comes from being in a room of badass women. This has inspired us to commit more of our energy into building an online platform and community. 


We’ve sat in a lot of boardrooms, usually with all men, and dealt with tough negotiations that cost us time, money, and heartache. We hope that by pouring our hearts into this community and sharing knowledge, tools, and resources that we can propel the journey of our sisters in career and life.

Written By: Ladies First