Ladies First is a community, majority women of color, founded by 2 first-gen Asian American sisters. 

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the second human crisis we are living through right now - one that is not caused by a silent, unthinking virus but one that is caused by us. By people. By generations of systemic racism and white supremacy that now regularly manifests itself in violence, in poverty, and in the oppression of Black people. This is a crisis of our own making, not nature’s, and it will take all of us to repair it, to demand that it is repaired.

We have teamed up with an organization we can stand behind to help amplify voices and initiate change. 

Asians 4 Black Lives was started in support of the Black Community, in the fight against systemic racism, historical injustice, and police brutality. We aim to connect social justice organizations to additional resources, and promote long-term allyship within our Asian Communities.

How To Be An Ally #BLM:

  • Donate to social justice organizations across the country in support of the black community

  • Be a bridge for the asian community to engage in dialogue, education, donation and strategic support

  • Promote conversations within the Asian community about inherent bias and multi-generational racism among families and friends

Learn More About Asians4BL:

Asians 4 Black Lives is a collective, founded by Asian American creatives heavily involved in the music industry, in dialogue with Black leaders in entertainment. Along with board members who work in non-profit, fashion, and beauty—we are continuously learning how to work towards an anti-racist future.

We pledge to use our platform and network to provide community support and donations to social justice organizations in support of Black Lives Matter. We aim to be a hub for causes in need of extra resources, and individuals who maybe don’t know where to start.

Get More Involved: Asians4BL